Parent Community

Healthy child development unfolds most fully in the context of a community with healthy social relationships among parents, teachers and children. We strive to create such conscious, collaborative communities around our children.

Contributing to
Children's Learning

Parents contribute to children's learning through what they know best. 

A parent in the Navy teaches children different types of knots. Another parent comes to sing and perform garba and dandiya with the older children during Navratri. As a part of a geography lesson parents speak to the children about their native states. 

Organising Community

Parents get together to organize events like celebrations of Aarambh's Birthday, open-house gatherings, orientation sessions and meetings

At the start of the new year, the whole community comes together to “start together”. Adults including parents, teachers, other volunteers revisit and reflect on their connection with their shared purpose and values and their way of being.


Parents voluntarily take on short-term and long-term tasks of managing the administration, finance and outreach.

Space Maintenance &

Parents take on sourcing of materials required, construction of areas, maintenances like painting and repair of furniture, and work space etc. 

The Spirit of Community Life at Aarambh 

Aarambh is a web, centered around the well-being of children and adults as its core purpose, held together by a simple thread of relationships. Living, working, learning, serving, and enjoying happens together, in an organic way, anchored in a purpose of serving our children and connection with each other.

As the adults connect towards a purpose, supporting each other, they model a way of living, in which, they no more remain isolated, discrete parts of the child's life, but also fuse, seamlessly. This makes a large vessel in which the child can rest, learn, play and live with ease. It's a container that the child needs so much;  and witnesses and internalizes that way of being. To be able to connect, and engage purposefully are integral to thriving, and if the child can cultivate those qualities, through us living it, the space is living its purpose well.